How Midwives Help Ensure the Safety of Home Births

Pregnant woman touching her bellyBefore hospital births became the norm, women delivered their babies at home. This has been practiced since the beginning of time. The village or community elders, usually women who have already had plenty of children themselves, gathered to help deliver the baby.
Over time, women who help in childbirth have been called midwives. Nowadays, with the resurgence of natural home birthing, midwives are rising to the occasion. In Miami, Florida,you can find a midwife not to only to assist in the birthing process, but also to offer prenatal care and guidance throughout the pregnancy.

Midwives are Skilled and Experienced

Midwives are qualified and trained professionals. In Florida, Licensed Midwives must go through a three-year training program and pass a national licensing exam in order to practice. Midwives handle more than 8% of deliveries in the country, and the numbers continue to grow because more women are choosing to have natural births without the aid of drugs or anesthetics. Many women prefer water births, as well as holistic childbirth preparation approaches like Birthing From Within or Hypnobirthing.
Whichever method is chosen, it’s safer to have a professional present during the actual delivery. Their training allows them to spot signs of danger, such as a baby in distress or a mother who is bleeding too much. When situations like these arise, the midwife can make the call to transfer to a hospital setting where her client will receive care from the backup physician.

Pre-Natal and Post-Natal Check-Ups

The kind of care received prenatally and postnatally by midwives is comprehensive, personalized, and holistic. Midwives spend an hour with you at each visit to ensure that all of your questions and concerns are addressed and provide education appropriate to where you are in your pregnancy. After birth, midwives provide several in-home postpartum visits to check up on you and your baby. Postpartum care continues up until six to eight weeks after the birth.
If you’re thinking about giving birth at home, you can get in touch with a licensed midwife in your area to plan the details of your delivery.

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