How Thermal Baths Reduce Your Stress

Close up look on a woman enjoying her thermal bathThere are two types of stress: good and bad. Good stress gives you the adrenaline to get things done on time. It motivates you to rise up to the challenges, beat the uncertainty and compete healthily. On the other hand, bad stress leads to physical and mental health issues. If it becomes chronic, it results in poor performance and quality of life.

According to the Labour Force Survey, more than the 450,000 people in Great Britain suffered from work-related stress from 2015 to 2016. This resulted in a whopping 11.7 million lost workdays, which could translate to millions of business costs. Over the same period, stress contributed to at least 37 percent of work-related illnesses.

If you want to enjoy a lengthy and happy life, do your best to bring your stress level down. Spending some time in a thermal bath is one of the activities you can try. It is no wonder many people take their short breaks in Bath, South-east England every year. This beautiful town is home to many lodges that feature thermal baths, comfortable rooms and other facilities.

Why is thermal bath good for you?

Thermal baths or mineral hot springs offer several health benefits for all the tired and weary souls.

Improved blood circulation

Stress can narrow the blood vessels and affect the blood flow. In the process, many of your organs do not receive enough nutrients to function properly. The increased temperature in thermal baths can enhance the supply of oxygen while dilating the blood vessels.

Lowers depression

Many studies show the close relationship between depression and stress. To help reduce the symptoms, you can do hydrotherapy. Better yet, soak in a nice warm bath that invigorates and relaxes your body, as well as lightens your mood.
If you want to ease the stress, take a short break in Bath. Just less than three hours away from London, the city well-loved by the Romans feature comprehensive spa packages that include an accommodation, hours of bath and a soothing massage. By the time you are back in the city, you will feel much better.