How to Open a Restaurant in New South Wales

Busy day in the restaurantWhen it comes to Australian food, New South Wales has a lot to offer. It is one of the largest local sources of beef and boasts acres of wineries and vineyards. It also grows a wide variety of fruit and vegetables and offers several styles of cuisine, including indigenous.

For anyone who wishes to capitalise on the rich food culture, there’s no better place to open a restaurant than New South Wales. However, before you start whipping up the meals, you must follow these steps.

Business Structure

Your business must be a recognised legal entity and must have a name. In NSW, you can be a sole trader or a limited partner. You can also set it up as a cooperative, corporation or a trust.

Business Licence

It’s time to get the permits. The most important document to have is the business licence. This takes less than 20 minutes to apply for and costs only $34 for a year or $80 for three years. You have the option to apply for an Australian business number if you want to own a domain name or claim tax credits.


In NSW, and elsewhere in Australia, all people who handle food need a certificate and need to appoint a food safety supervisor. The certificate serves as proof that you are aware of sanitary guidelines and are prepared to follow them. You can get a food handling certificate from organisations in NSW such as the Australian Institute of Accreditation after only a few hours of training.


Building and remodelling your restaurant won’t be easy. Rules can vary between local councils. Moreover, you need to follow the building codes. There may be inspections and submission of applications. Local councils may also ask for a detailed layout of the restaurant. This may take a lot of time, so plan your time accordingly.

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For the complete list of steps, ask your local council or join an industry association. You can also approach any small business authority near you.