How to Recognize Authentic Jewelry

Diamond RingsSome jewelers would tell you that their wares are real – they would not admit that their accessories are made from molten metal or are cheap imitations of brands.

Fake jewelry can fool many people into spending money on something that is not worth its price. Here are tips you need to know if you want to be as astute as your jeweler. Salt Lake City, Utah has many jewelry stores who could offer both authentic and fake accessories.

Look for Stamps

Gold-plated jewelry usually has a stamp to identify whether they are gold electroplate or rolled gold plate. You don’t have to subject these pieces to a scratch test as this would only damage the surface of the jewelry.

Check the Weight

You could ask your jeweler in Salt Lake City to weigh the jewelry right in front of you. He could dip it in water to measure its displacement. He could also check if the gold accessory is attracted to a magnet.

Go High-Tech

Because counterfeiters think of various ways to imitate jewelry, you could resort to a more sophisticated and highly technological method: X-ray fluorescence or XRF. Here, the jewelry isn’t damaged, compared to the scratch test. The XRF is speedy and accurate: it can weigh the gold accessory in karats.

Check the Color and Sparkle

Sometimes, a garnet or raw peridot will be sold off as an emerald because they have the same green shade. Other times, colored glass or synthetic gemstones are sold in department stores. The similarities are uncanny.

Expose the emerald (or any gemstone) to light to see if it’s fake. If it is not real, you might see bubbles forming in the gemstones. Real emerald, however, doesn’t have a striking, blinding green color. It doesn’t reflect prism or the colors of the rainbow when light passes through it.

Natural Imperfections Are Normal

For raw gemstones, cracks and similar imperfections are normal. The more perfect they look, the higher the possibility that they are synthetic.

You Pay for What You Get

Although this isn’t always the rule, the most authentic jewelry are too pricey. They are also sold in high-end boutiques. Authentic jewelers have business permits and would be able to show you certificates of authenticity. If the jewelry’s price sounds too good to be true, then it probably isn’t authentic.

Wearing jewelry is a statement. Whatever kind of jewelry you choose to wear, make sure you're paying for what you get–real or not.