Implant Retained Dentures Offer More Permanent Denture Solutions

Dental ImplantsImplant retained dentures are a popular choice among dental patients in Leicester looking for more permanent denture solutions. Dentures in the past were infamous for being uncomfortable. They often shift when in use, affecting a patient’s normal chewing and biting. They can also fall out and cause considerable distress and anxiety, especially during social gatherings.

An implant-retained denture eliminates these problems by anchoring the denture to the jaw. A small metal implant screws into the root of a missing tooth, with a small ball joint attached to the end of it. The ball joint, which is the only visible part of the implant, pops into a socket found on the denture. This stabilises the denture and prevents it from shifting during use.

Small-diameter Implants versus Endosseous Implants suggests that those getting dental implants in Leicester choose a small-diameter implant (SDI). It anchors into the tooth and requires minimal healing time. Since they are relatively easy to attach, many patients can enjoy their new dentures within the same day.

Older models of implant-retained dentures required the use of endosseous implants. Endosseous implants are much larger than your standard SDI and require a dentist to drill into the bone structure of the jaw. While this works well for young patients that still have a strong skeletal structure, older patients often lack the necessary bone structure to keep the implants in place.

On the other hand, SDIs, also called ‘mini-implants’, are simply drilled into the root of a missing tooth instead of anchoring it directly into the jaw bone. SDIs measure at just 1.8 mm to 2.9 mm, while endosseous implants are larger than 3.5 mm in diameter.

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Implant Retained Denture Process

Often, an existing tooth is ground down to accommodate the implant if no proper anchor sites are available. After grinding down the correct tooth, a ball jointed implant is inserted into the cavity to replace the root. In Leicester dental practices, the procedure is a quick one – an hour is usually all it takes. Implant retained dentures is a minimally invasive procedure that improves the functionality of existing dentures.