Invisalign in Luton: Braces Are For Adults Too!

Woman wearing InvisalignAdults wearing braces is relatively rare in the UK. Fewer than 2,000 adult patients started treatment with braces last year. One reason for this may be the association people have with braces being unsightly and obvious wires across the teeth. This is difficult enough as a teenager, as an adult, particularly if you are in a job that involves presenting or meeting and greeting, having metal braces is a real no-no.

Adults may also believe it is too late for them to have braces. And, while it is true that the ideal age for starting treatment is 12-13, adult patients can still benefit in Luton. Invisalign is one popular choice and many dental practices in the area, such as Vogue Dental Care, offer these adult options for braces.

Clear, removable, remarkable

Dentists first had the idea for removable aligners that shift the teeth in gradual increments back in the 1930s. But it wasn’t until 18 years ago that they became widely available. In 1997, two business degree students with no dental training, Zia Chishti and Kelsey Wirth, had the idea to market clear, removable aligners that gently moved the teeth. After their research trials were successful, Invisalign became widely available to dentists in 1999.

To date, the Invisalign system has been used by 4 million patients worldwide. And one reason for its success is that it is so convenient for adult patients. These thin, plastic, custom-made braces fit over the teeth and gums like a mouth guard, so are comfortable and easy to wear. They are clear and so can’t be seen unless someone is really close up and looking at the teeth.

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They are removable so can be taken out for eating and cleaning. This means no worries about food getting caught in wires and causing decay. And for patients going to an extra special occasion in Luton, Invisalign can also be taken out for an hour or two, to make absolutely sure no one will know the patient is wearing braces.

Another reason adult patients like Invisalign in Luton is that it is a little quicker than treatment with traditional braces. It takes 9-18 months, rather than up to two years.