Invisalign Technology is Now Recognised by Universities and Orthodontic Systems

Invisalign in LondonInvisalign is now a popular treatment to achieve straighter, aligned teeth, compared with the traditional wire braces. With increased popularity, Invisalign technology is now recognised by universities and orthodontic systems as part of their training programs.

MiSmile, a Basingstoke-based Invisalign specialist centre recognises the popularity of the treatment as a critical and revolutionary movement for dental health care. With the approval of the universities and orthodontic systems, the use of Invisalign will become even more common for the next generation of dentists and therefore, more affordable and efficient.

Clear Braces is the New Standard

Metal-based braces are unpopular mainly due to their appearance compared with clear braces, they also have the potential to damage the teeth when affixed.

Recently, Align Technology, one of the pioneer innovators of the Invisalign technology extended related orthodontic teaching programs to 12 dental universities and hospitals. “The Invisalign University Programme has been deemed an integral part of the course for post graduate dentists as they train to become orthodontists, which recognises that aligner therapy is now accepted as a mainstream orthodontic treatment.”

Newly inducted academic institutions will include Dundee and Edinburgh University, Kings College London, academic institutions in the West Midlands and Bristol, and Newcastle Dental Hospitals.

The Fast-Paced Approach to Aligned Teeth

Dr Grant McIntyre from the Dundee University remarked, “The launch of the Invisalign University Programme at the University of Dundee is good news. We believe it is only right we ensure our specialty training registrars and postgraduate students are well versed in the latest treatment methods before they complete their specialist training, which is the best time to learn the skills associated with new treatment modalities.”

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With more people choosing to have Invisalign treatment, the Orthodontics industry will continue to modernise its teaching programmes to ensure more dentists are well-versed in this latest dental trend.