Invisalign Treatment: What Can You Add for Better Results?

a woman smiling while holding a invisalignMost patients in orthodontic clinics undergo treatment for crooked teeth. In the past, the top treatment option for dental misalignment was metal braces. But these were uncomfortable for many patients. As such, they have now been primarily substituted with Invisalign.

Invisalign in Canton are clear dental aligners with a 99% proven treatment efficiency. Your orthodontist might recommend the use of auxiliary appliances in your treatment if you have severe malocclusion and misalignment. The following are some of these appliances:

Elastics and Buttons

In this appliance, elastics are attached to a series of small buttons. The buttons are metallic or plastic and can be tooth or multi-colored. When using buttons and elastics, the orthodontist might trim your aligners for their enhanced comfort. This trimming will also promote the proper fit of the elastics and buttons with no compromise on the Invisalign’s fit.


Attachments are tiny dots made from dental bonding materials and generally tooth-colored, making them mostly inconspicuous. These are positioned in specific dental locations and boost the Invisalign’s grip. This grasp is vital for efficient movement of the teeth for patients whose dental shape and size pose a challenge for the adequate application of pressure by the aligners.

Power Ridges

Power ridges closely resemble attachments. They are made from a tooth-colored dental filling material and look like small bumps. Two power ridges, unlike attachments, will be placed on the back and front of your teeth. This way, the power ridges work simultaneously to move teeth into a proper position efficiently.

The auxiliary appliances above have made it possible for more people with orthodontic issues to benefit from Invisalign. Irrespective of your problem, there might be an answer for you in Invisalign. Before dismissing this treatment, therefore, visit a licensed orthodontist and get an informed recommendation rather than relying on hearsay.

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