Is Invisalign Safe for Pregnant Women?

Pregnant woman brushing her teethIn recent years, Invisalign has become a popular alternative to traditional braces because it is discreet, convenient, and easy to use. While it is great for fixing crooked teeth, not everyone is eligible for the treatment. Certain health conditions, such as pregnancy, can make Invisalign use unsuitable.

Pregnancy and X-Ray Required for Invisalign

People who want to undergo Invisalign treatment need to have their jaw x-rayed before any long-term reconstruction can begin. It helps the dentist check for any hidden teeth and correct the issue before making the invisible braces, after all. While x-rays are usually not a problem in moderation, some people believe that it could cause complications during pregnancy.

Several experts state, however, that it is highly unlikely an x-ray during pregnancy will harm a developing baby. For the patient’s peace of mind, some dental practices, such as, use digital x-rays that minimize radiation exposure by almost 90 percent. Despite the good news, many pregnant women may not want to risk it and wait to begin Invisalign treatment after their pregnancy instead.

Pregnancy Symptoms and Invisalign

Another concern of using Invisalign while pregnant is that pregnancy symptoms can influence the treatment’s effectiveness. Many pregnant women, for instance, suffer from morning sickness during the first few months of pregnancy. As stomach acid eats away at plastic, it could damage the aligners before it gets the opportunity to straighten the teeth. Therefore, dentists highly recommended refraining from wearing Invisalign during the first few months of pregnancy.

Apart from morning sickness, pregnant women’s appetites may also increase during gestation. While eating frequently won’t damage the invisible braces or teeth, patients would need to take out the Invisalign aligners before each snack or meal, significantly lessening the impact of the braces. Pregnant women who find these symptoms to be inconvenient may postpone the treatment.

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Even with these two concerns, many doctors will say that there isn’t a big risk associated with undergoing Invisalign treatments during pregnancy. While doctors may be okay with it, dental professionals who will administer the treatment might heavily discourage undergoing the treatment until after the delivery of the baby.