Is it Time for Momma to Get Memory Care?

Senior man forgetting his birthdayDementia usually develops slowly. The worst part about this is that most families neglect, misunderstand or confuse the symptoms. These signs of dementia include disorientation, memory loss, delusions, sleeplessness, extreme personality changes, agitation, and confusion.

Here are more reasons that indicate your Momma needs memory care in Las Vegas, a service offered by institutions such as Legacy House of Centennial Hills.


Has it been harder for you to take your Momma out to exercise, eat or shop because her actions have become unpredictable? The problem is, she is more disruptive if you do not allow her to release her energy and be more active.

You usually end up just cautioning her to stay home, which is why she is now more lonely and restless. This particular issue causes most families to consider memory care. You see, the professional staff knows how to use techniques, like redirection and distraction to keep their residents safe and calm.

They employ memory care programs that offer stimulation and activities, such as outings and trips. This can help your Momma meditate to calm down or stay active to release energy.

Inexplicable Physical Changes

When you tried hugging your Momma, you knew that she felt different. She looks frailer; her weight changed, posture more hunched and has a hard time moving. She could be gaining weight because she forgot that she already ate and she will eat again.

Otherwise, she forgets to eat and she will lose weight.

Hygiene Issues

You might not want to consider your Momma’s body odor, but it can offer one of the strongest hints whether she can still take care of herself. Moreover, take a closer look at her overall appearance and determine if her clothes are wrinkled, unwashed or if she put it on backwards.

The reasons above are just some of the symptoms that would encourage you to get her memory care. It does not matter if your Mom lives in an assisted living or alone in her own home right now because you know that no one can cater to her specialized needs there.