Is Reading to Your Baby Really Necessary?

Reading with ToddlersReading to your young child or infant can be a delightful bonding experience, but there is more it than meets the eye. Your literary moments with them is crucial in this stage because when you wait until they are already in school, it may be too late.

Just because your child is not yet going to a preschool institution in Salt Lake City, Utah, does not mean they cannot learn in advance.

The Beneficial Literary Moments

According to pediatrician Jill Alexander, reading or not reading to your kids can affect their entire academic future. She explains that 90 percent of brain development occurs before your child turns five, which explains how critical this stage is in their life.

Kids whose parents never read to them usually encounter more difficulties when they start school.

Issues Faced with Literacy

Unfortunately, researchers believe that babies coming from lower-income homes have a 30 million word gap. They compared this to kids coming from affluent families that experienced their mothers reading to them before they entered kindergarten.

Alexander says that it will be nearly impossible to catch up with their peers academically.

If these kids are not ready to begin learning in kindergarten, they will not be ready for grade-level reading when they reach third grade. Once this happens, they will start to skip school and may be even drop out in the future.

To help encourage literacy at such an early age, she wants to convince organizations to join the cause of improving literary development and early language. She wants to give free books to kids at every check-up to promote reading and to motivate parents to start reading to their young children.

Free access to books will surely address the issue that has been preventing the parents from helping their kids reach their potential. In due time, the 30 million word gap will not be divided by one’s financial capacity.