Just 3 of the Amazing Things Avocados Do for Your Health

Avocados on a wooden tableThe use and consumption of avocados have long since been a tradition in many countries. In recent years, however, avocados became a huge hit all over the world. Many people now regard it as a superfood that everyone should include in their diet, in fact.

Besides its creaminess and tastiness,many other factors gave way to its rise in popularity in the United States. This delicious fruit brings numerous health benefits, and the following are just some of them:

Skin moisturizing and softening properties

Avocados contain high amounts of poly- and monounsaturated fatty acids. These compounds protect the skin by keeping it moisturized and supple. Not only do they help make the skin look healthy; they ensure that the healthy glow penetrates deep within too. The polyunsaturated fatty acids form a barrier on the skin against sun damage, while also safeguarding it from elements that could cause inflammations and heightened sensitivity.

Including this fruit in your diet, together with the regular application of a top-quality avocado hand lotion, will help keep your hands looking fresh and young despite an advanced age.

Skin aging combatant

The skin easily absorbs the healthy oils avocados contain, which helps soften it further. It also aids in fighting off the premature onset of skin aging signs, thanks to its deeply-penetrating moisturizing effects. Furthermore, it’s a great way to ease the symptoms of sunburns, particularly skin swelling, soreness, and pain.

Protection from free radicals

The body, whenever exposed to harmful pollutants or during the process of metabolizing food, produces free radicals. These are some of the biggest threats to the skin cells. The antioxidants that avocados contain, including Vitamins C and E, as well as carotenoids, give the skin the protection it needs from these harmful atoms.

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All in all, avocados are a treasure trove of nutrients that don’t just benefit your skin, but your entire body, as well.