Left and Right: Maximising Foot Power for Soccer

playing soccerSoccer is an intensive team sport that will help your kid become athletic. It is a good exercise, as the sport teaches children great values while having fun. For kids dreaming to go professional one day, it is important to start early.

A soccer match is no small task, as it requires stamina and precision. You need to endure running and possibly strenuous movements. There is, however, one thing every kid must learn in this sport that most people overlook: being able to play with both feet.

As SoccerTutor.com Limited explains, coaches may focus on different points on the game to train children. Nonetheless, this skill is one of the factors that may win you the game:

Is it Left or Right?

It may seem easy, but using both feet requires a lot of training. You may be accustomed to using only one leg to do the tricks you do, such as kicking the ball or controlling its movement. Your child must learn how to use both feet efficiently and not favour one over the other.

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With both feet, the player will always be ready to pass, receive or trap the ball. This makes team play easier, as you can be the go-to kicker and assist others in making the goal. One point can make a big difference in the entire game.

Equal confidence in using both feet gives your child an edge in the game, from balance to ball control. Train them while they are young, so everything can be a breeze when they decide to pursue bigger goals with the sport. Your child might just become the next great soccer player in the league.