Let the Skis Choose You

skiingYou have to know a little bit about skiing in order to have a fun time on your first time. On your first trip, you may be advised to borrow your ski gear first instead of buying. When you decide you really don’t want to ski, you’ll be able to save money since you don’t end up with unwanted gear. When you do decide to ski a second time and even more after, you can start learning how to buy your gear.

Such Ski Gear, Many Choosing

You can buy your gear from ski shops or even bike shops that sell ski gear. When you first enter, you may see the wide selection of gear brands you can choose from. The top ski brands, according to reviewers and experts, include K2 Skis and their 2015 series, Rosignol, 4FRNT, Icelantic, and many more.

Ski Categories

One of the first things you must think about when buying skis is your sex. For men, you have skis designed for you. For women, you have skis custom-designed just for the ladies. There are skis designed for children as well.


You should also look at your ski level. Beginners should usually have skis that are narrow in width, have a soft wood core, and have a capped construction. With these qualities, you can have an easier time skiing and have room for mistakes.

Chin Length or Top Head Length

For the length of your ski, there is no definite rule. You can follow the guideline though that your ski must have a length reaching between your chin and the top of your head. For beginners or intermediate skiers though, you are recommended to have shorter skis. Longer skis are for more aggressive ski rides and for people weighing more than their height average.

Once you are able to pick the ski for you, you can be sure you will love skiing more. As you become more skilled, you can choose better skis for more thrilling rides. You can ask for assistance in the shop you go to.