Lingual Braces: What Are They, Exactly?

Lingual BracesThere are several dental procedures to choose from to achieve straighter teeth, but you probably never considered lingual braces in London before. Dental practices such as London Holborn Dental Practice learned that over 200,000 people in England and Wales presently wear braces or other types of appliances to maintain a beautiful smile, which explains how crucial it is. It is essential not only for children but adults as well, since some of the thousands who have braces are adults.

The Device

You will find this type of appliance behind your chompers by the palate and tongue, instead of the front, making it an excellent cosmetic substitute for people who want to have straight teeth without showing braces.

The Procedure

The process for lingual braces includes getting the impression of the teeth, which your dentist will then send to the dental laboratory. In turn, the lab will use the impression to form personalised brackets. The procedure lasts for around six weeks. Once this is done, it enables the orthodontist to utilise a particular procedure to affix the braces on your teeth’s back surfaces.

Similar to traditional braces, this appliance functions by administering mild, yet constant weight on your teeth. This will help them gradually move into their rightful spot. The entire treatment can last anywhere between 18 to 36 months, as it will rely on how overcrowded your teeth or bite is.

The Requirements

Braces are certainly worth your investment, but you have to keep in mind that lingual braces have particular requisites. Since these are custom-built, they charge a tad more, and the treatment will be more elaborate. One of the main features to think about is that the price of the materials for every tooth will have its portion of arch wires and brackets.

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Keep in mind that you cannot easily find lingual braces around any clinic because the installation itself requires technical expertise and experience. Do your research on the practices that offer this service to make sure you get the service you deserve.