Locum Tenens: There’s Always Something Else for You

A PhysicianFor the physician in need of flexibility, locum tenens is the go-to option. This new form of career path continues to grow in popularity for the freedom it offers, minus worries of reduced salaries or rigid schedules.

Freedom and flexibility are two of the top reasons why physicians choose the locum tenens lifestyle. But are those the only perks of switching from regular physician jobs to becoming temporary fillers for staffing shortages?

There are plenty of other reasons why physicians flock to staffing solutions such as Interim Physicians. Some of them include the following:

Salary Boosts

Everyone deserves to earn extra cash every now and then, and working locum tenens helps you get the boost you need. Are you planning a wedding or do you need to pay off student loans? If you wish to save money now, focus on finishing all locum tenens assignments. Doing so helps you reach your goals faster.

Locum tenens physicians can choose to work shifts on regularly scheduled days off. Working during vacations or other available downtimes is also an option. There are also plenty of opportunities across the country; no need to travel if you prefer local assignments.

Traveling Whenever, Wherever

Physicians in love with traveling are perfect fits for temporary filler jobs. This career path provides opportunities to experience culture in different locations. Do you want to work during the summer or winter? Or maybe you love meeting new people and immersing yourself in a different culture?

Locum tenens assignments vary in location; where you work today will be drastically different in the next six months. Also, when you accept a job in another city, the recruiter or your employer will pay for your housing and travel costs.

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Ready for Retirement, But the Practice Continues

In some cases, physicians ready for retirement aren’t entirely prepared to throw in the towel. They just need a break from the rigorous schedules and administrative responsibilities.

Locum tenens provide retirees the opportunity to practice without the additional stresses of regular physician jobs. Also, healthcare professionals can spend more time visiting their families or pursuing hobbies and other interests.

There are plenty of other reasons for physicians to choose the locum tenens path. How about you? What’s your reason?