Looking After Teeth in Ealing

Dentist with assistant examining patient's teethKeeping up with dental care is crucial for person’s overall health. Having knowledge of how to care for teeth and the right equipment to do so tackles a large part of the battle against gum disease and tooth decay. Visiting a dentist in Ealing is one way to keep up with the rest of the battle, along with a good diet and keeping the body healthy. Dentists can spot early signs of tooth decay and gum disease that their patients are unlikely to see. Their advanced oral health knowledge and training, however, can only help their patients to prevent dental problems when their patients actually make appointments for regular checkups.

A dentist in Ealing can help patients in a number of ways to ensure good dental hygiene routines, and in turn, great oral health. Practices such as Ikon Dental Suite offer services such as hygienist treatments which give their patients plaque-free teeth after a scale and polish. They also offer general tooth repairs, restorations and cosmetic treatments when teeth need fixing.

Damaged teeth

Anyone who has toothache is likely to have a broken or decaying tooth, they should get to a dentist quick if this is the case. If their dentist finds decay, cracks or loose fillings, patients will usually be offered a restoration such as a crown or filling. In some cases, tooth extraction and dental implants may be required. Every case needs individual tailored attention, something that a dentist in Ealing will be able to provide. A dentist can also help their patient to adjust their dental care routine if they feel that tooth damage is due to incorrect cleaning.

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Improving smiles

Many dentists also offer cosmetic options nowadays. Those who have a gummy smile can opt to have more tooth exposed with gum trimming, and anyone looking to brighten or straighten their smile can opt in for a smile makeover. A dentist in Ealing is regularly asked to improve their patients’ smiles. Common reasons for people seeking cosmetic corrections are discolouration or wonky or chipped teeth. Modern dental treatments such as dental veneers, tooth whitening and even invisible braces can be used to transform the look of teeth in relatively short periods of time.