Make Valentines’ Day More Special with These Unique Ideas

Simple Gift IdeasWith the day of hearts just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start thinking of creative ways on how you can make the day extra special for your loved one. Traditional gifts like roses, chocolates, or (if your tastes run toward the luxurious) diamond rings are always a great idea, says, but going to the extra mile will definitely take your message across better.

Say it with fruit.

Fruit carvings are not just for Halloween! Why not try making a fruit carving for your loved one this Valentines’ Day? Try using a melon and you can carve a simple “I love you” message on it or if you feel a little more creative, you can always carve more complex figures. Leave your carved masterpiece in the fridge for your wife or husband to find in the morning.

Message box.

Sometimes the best gifts don’t need to come with a fancy bow and box. Use your words! Write your messages of love and the reasons you love them. Get your friends and family on the project too, and ask them to jot down their own message. Then, place the messages inside a small decorated box or jar.

Treasure hunt.

Does your loved one enjoy a good adventure? Make your Valentine date night more exciting by creating a mini treasure hunt out of it! Create a map and hide little clues all over your home or neighborhood. The last stop should lead them in the place of your date!

Take a Japanese-inspired route.

In Japan, it is common practice to give handmade chocolates on Valentines’ Day. Take a cue from the Japanese and why not try making your own chocolates for your loved one? It’s fairly easy to do a simple ganache or truffle. Make a batch and place them inside a fancy box and they’ll surely be surprised with your sweet gift.