Making the Move to an Assisted Living Facility Easy

Assisted Living Facility TransitionChange is inevitable, but it can be a challenge for the elderly. If you have tried to talk to a senior about leaving their home comforts to join a senior care community, you know how difficult it can get. Seniors need all the support they can get as they transit to an assisted living facility. Here are a few tips that will help families discuss it with their senior relatives and help them move to an assisted living residence.

Have the Talk

One of the most critical steps you have to take is to introduce the subject of assisted living. The conversation will not be an easy one, but you can make it easier when you explain the benefits and the independence they can enjoy when they choose assisted living in Utah County.

Focus on Safety

Seniors who are moving to an assisted facility use a smaller space than their homes. They need to downsize and focus on safety in their living area. Explain that there might be more dangers and difficulties in their home than in an assisted living facility.  Cite the assistance they could receive when there are possible emergencies.

Ask for Their Involvement

Let your senior relatives take part in researching and touring assisted living facilities. Choose one in which they could relax and still be independent. Ask them about the areas in which they need assistance, so you could ask the facility if it’s possible to give your senior relatives what they need. Fill their new living space with memorable items from their old home. These pieces of furniture, pictures and memorabilia can help them feel comfortable and relaxed in their new living space. Moving to an assisted living facility can be difficult, but if you discuss it with sensitivity and care, you can help your senior relatives make the move.