Missing Teeth Replacement: The Truth About Dentures

DenturesDentures are a popular option for missing teeth, especially for those who want an affordable tooth replacement. They have a low initial cost, with readily available materials that can be completed in just a few days or several hours. This only means that you can fill in the gaps immediately without spending a too much.

Incurring Additional Costs Over Time

With dentures, you will have a complete smile and a better overall appearance. Keep in mind, however, that they’re not the best solution for the long term. You will need to replace or adjust dentures after a few years, as they don’t last long as other replacement options. The money needed to make adjustments and replacements can add up, making dentures a less cost-effective option over time.

Unnatural Look, Feel, and Function

While it’s true that dentures can give you a better smile, they don’t look, feel, and function like your natural teeth. Dental implant dentists in South Bend, Indiana note that conventional dentures could be easily identified as false teeth. This is especially true for those that don’t blend with your other teeth. Dentures, furthermore, can click and fall out after some time, especially when talking or laughing.

Treats Only the Aesthetic Issue

Missing a few teeth is more than just a cosmetic problem. This can also cause jawbone shrinkage over time, resulting in premature aging of the face. Dentures only deal with the cosmetic issue of losing a few teeth and do nothing about preserving the bone. This is never an issue with dental implants, which have an artificial tooth root that integrates with your jawbone.

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Removal and Soaking Needed

Another sad thing about dentures is that they don’t always stay in your mouth throughout the day. You will have to take them out for cleaning and soak them overnight. You may also experience some challenges if you’re using denture adhesives, as they create a mess and can be a little hard to remove from the gums or mouth.

The low initial cost of traditional dentures makes them an attractive choice for replacing missing teeth. Their initial affordability, however, comes with a lot of inconveniences over time. It’s always better to go with implants, the natural-looking option that can last a lifetime with proper care.