Neck Pain Prevention Tips You Need to Know

a woman experiencing neck painNeck pain is caused by some things including a previous injury, a herniated disc, a pinched nerve or even a virus infection of the throat. One of the more severe problems is cervical degenerative disc, which one can develop through time and also through genetics, smoking and obesity.

If you are experiencing chronic neck pain, consult a cervical spine specialist from the Cervical Spine Institute in Fort Worth as soon as you can to trace the root of the problem and apply the right treatment.

While at home, you can also prevent neck discomfort by following these tips:

Adapt the best sleeping position

Sleeping sideways or on your back can benefit the neck. But using the right pillow is also important. A rounded pillow, for instance, is recommended if you’re a back sleeper. Feather pillows are also ideal because they conform to the contour of your neck. And while traveling, don’t forget to always bring a travel pillow, usually shaped like a horseshoe, to support your neck when you fall asleep.

Exercise and hydration

You can keep your neck muscles strong through regular exercise and stretching. Good examples include neck rolls, side-to-side head rotation and the seated heart opener which requires you to sit on your heels, lean back with palms on the floor, lift your chest and stretch it along with your neck and shoulders as your back arches. Moreover, drinking lots of water can keep the discs in your vertebrae strong and healthy.

Mind your posture

Finally, don’t forget to be mindful of your posture to avoid neck strain and injury in the long run. When sitting down, for instance, your back must be straight with your buttocks touching the end of the chair. The knees must be bent evenly, and feet must stay flat on the floor. And don’t forget to stand up once in a while because sitting down for a long time can also cause problems.

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