New City Checklist: What You Should Do After Moving

Dentist working on a patientMoving to a new city can be exciting, but it can also be stressful as you find yourself dealing with an entirely new environment. Here is what you should do after setting up your home space to guarantee comfort as you get used to your new zip code.

Find Your Go-To Medical Services

Find an emergency dentist here in Paddington as well as nearby clinics, dermatologists, paediatricians, obstetricians, and general practitioners that you can go to should you have any medical needs. Make sure you also have the emergency number of hospitals saved in your phone.

It is often better to have them ready on your phone instead of saving them only when you need them.

Look for the Nearest Grocery Store

Once you have secured the emergency numbers, it is time to find the best places where you can purchase the essentials. The closest grocery store is just the start.

You should also find the best pizza place making deliveries, the most convenient restaurants, and generally, all the places related to keeping you nourished. Ideally, it should be somewhere close to home.

Emergency Utility Numbers

Make a point of saving the number of plumbers, electricians, and locksmiths even before you actually need them. You might try asking your neighbours on who they use because these are the technicians best capable of servicing your particular area.

Create an Expense Tracker

In a completely new city, you might find yourself unsure of how much you’re supposed to spend in a day for transportation, food, utilities, and the like. Make sure you set up an expense tracker for the first few months, so you will have a good idea of how the move affects your financial status.

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Of course, do not forget to immerse yourself in your new community. Make new friends, and you will find that these locals will introduce you to the more important points of the city.