Orthodontists and Their Role in Your Oral Health & Physical Appearance

Happy Female Patient at Dental ClinicMuch like medical doctors that specialize in a specific area of the human anatomy, dentists can also choose to specialize in a specific branch of dentistry. One of the specializations they can take is orthodontics. Orthodontists specialize in preventing, diagnosis, and treatment of dental and facial irregularities.

Many orthodontists, particularly in Salt Lake City, focus on general orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics for adults, but they can treat patients of all ages.

To understand orthodontists better, their difference from general practitioners, and their role in your oral health, read on.

What is an Orthodontist’s Specialization?

An orthodontist is still considered a dentist, although orthodontists are the people to call if you want a better-looking smile. They focus on straightening and moving teeth to realign them and make them look good.

At the same time, orthodontists can identify teeth-related issues that cause facial irregularities. Upon diagnosis, your orthodontist can recommend the right treatment.

What Services Do Orthodontists Offer?

Orthodontists treat aesthetic issues, including teeth overcrowding and anteroposterior deviations. Aesthetic issues are treated by restructuring and realigning the teeth, lips, and jaw. Anteroposterior deviations, on the other hand, commonly include overbites or underbites.

Their treatment plans may include retainers to realign teeth, headgears and face masks to treat developmental problems, and dental braces to train teeth to align themselves. Some orthodontists also provide Invisalign treatment, which involve clear, plastic aligners fitted over the teeth.

Education and Training of Orthodontists

In the U.S., only a handful of dentists venture into orthodontics.

When looking for one, make sure your orthodontist has the training and education, including 3 to 5 years of graduate program and 2 to 3 years of advanced specialty education at an American Dental Association-accredited dental school.

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If you’re suffering from crooked teeth, an ugly overbite, or buck teeth, perhaps an orthodontist is the better person to call than a general practitioner. And when you choose the right one, an orthodontist can truly transform your smile from “nay” to “yay”.