Patient Assistance Programs and Prescription Assistance

Doctor speaking with patientTypically, there is a thin line between prescription assistance and patient assistance programs (PAPs). Over time, more and more pharmaceutical firms have been joining this movement to provide the under- and uninsured easy and quick access to prescription medications.

The Rx Solution notes that now, you (or your loved one) can enjoy affordable rates for medicines with every purchase under the Victoza (or a related) assistance program.

Branded or Generic Drug Name Search

Various organizations offering PAPs have searchable options for the drugs they enlist for prescription assistance — regardless if these drugs are branded or generic. You, therefore, can search on the alphabetical listing if they provide for the name of the particular medicine in your prescription.

Typically, from every drug in this listing, you can determine your eligibility and get the program’s contact information.

Program or Company Name Search

You also can determine whether you qualify for a particular PAP by searching through the list of programs that your provider offers.

These programs range from for Victoza, Pfizer, and Lantus to for Januvia and Spiriva, just to name a few. You could also check your qualification status by confirming that you meet the minimum requirements.

After Qualification

Most organizations that offer prescription assistance allow patients (or their guardians) to print the application forms of the programs they qualify for from their website. You, however, should then fax or mail the forms to a PAP provider to facilitate their processing.

Should you experience a problem when filling out these forms, some organizations offer application assistance for a small fee or even free of charge.

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One general issue with patients looking for financial assistance with their prescriptions is that they only seek help with the expensive medications. It is advisable that you look for all the medicines to get the most out of these programs.