Practical Ways to Ensure the Dental Health of Your Kids

Baby boy brushing his teethYour child’s dental health is an important part of his or her overall health. It is especially important because poor oral health affects the child’s appetite. A tooth cavity, for instance, may result in a toothache that prevents your child from eating properly – or from wanting to eat.

Here’s what a pediatric dentist in Murray suggests parents or guardians should do.

Prevent Tooth Decay

You may protect your child’s teeth from decay, mainly in two ways: sealants or fluoride. When you want to have sealants applied to your child’s teeth, visit a pediatric dentist. Sealants are often applied on permanent molars and premolar chompers that are used for chewing.

It is also vital to ensure that your child gets sufficient amounts of fluoride by using fluoride toothpaste.

Tackle Your Child’s Thumb-Sucking

When your child turns three, he or she usually outgrows sucking. But if you can’t breastfeed him/her before then, you must introduce a soother to prevent your child from sucking his/her thumb.

You should also desist from adding sweeteners to your kid’s soothers. Since the child is likely to suck on a soother for prolonged periods, he or she may acquire tooth decay early. Keep soothers plain.

Control Your Child’s Diet

To help your child get used to the right diet, avoid sugary food such as cake and ice cream, which lead to tooth decay. Instead, go for foods such as milk, yogurt, and fruits, which are also sweet yet improve the dental health of your kid. Milk and yogurt contain calcium, which is responsible for the formation of strong teeth in your child.

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A painful tooth may result in a sleepless night or poor appetite for your child. If decay sets in and your child’s tooth needs to be removed and replaced with an implant, it may lead to unnecessary expenses. Ensure your child’s dental health with these three tips.