Prepare For Your Heli-skiing or Heliboarding Adventure

Heliboarding AdventureDo you want to take your skiing or snowboarding to the next level? You can do so by helicopter skiing or helicopter snowboarding in Alaska. Valdez Heli-Ski Guides explains that heli-skiing or heliboarding is still skiing or snowboarding, but the differences are the off-trail terrain and the transportation. Instead of riding ski lifts, you ride a helicopter up to a certain point of a mountain or slope.

Know Your Equipment

Heli-skiing or heliboarding can be an adventurous and unforgettable experience. For first-timers and seasoned pros, it is best to prepare to reduce the risks. You can prepare your equipment first. You need to bring a backpack, a helmet, goggles, ski gloves, and a neck warmer. For skis, you can use powder, off-piste, “all-mountain” or free ride skis. You can also use shorter ski poles to dig into the snow.

Safety First

You also need to bring avalanche safety equipment. The equipment will include an avalanche beacon, a probe, and a shovel. You can also research for other safety equipment you can bring. Part of the assurance of your safety is your physical condition. You have to be fit to participate in such activities. You should research on what physical preparations are essential to build your physical condition.

Learn How to Read Terrain

The more experience you have skiing or snowboarding, the better you can use a heli-ski or heliboard. You can learn in an intermediate program for heli-skiing or heliboarding. You should also learn to read terrain from intermediate programs, a valuable skill when heli-skiing or heliboarding.

Riding Tips

Before you ski or ride, practice your balance on the equipment you intend to use. The better you learn this skill, the better you can float on the snow. You can also learn how to do small slalom turns for fast pivoting.

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Make that next trip an exciting experience, whether you are a heli-skiing or heliboarding novice or expert. Go to Valdez, Alaska and consult their guides and trainers to ensure you are ready for such an extreme sport.