Preparing for veneers

Woman showing her dental veneers Many dental treatments require some preparation both mentally and physically. The degree of difficulty involved varies from treatment to treatment and your dentist is the best person to give you detailed advice. Fortunately, veneers require very little in the way of preparation and this is what makes them a popular cosmetic dental treatment.

Simply Teeth in Essex is a good example of a dental practice that offers a wide range of cosmetic procedures including veneers. This means that you can have confidence that you are getting the right treatment for you.

Healthy teeth

One of the few prerequisites for having veneers fitted is that you have healthy teeth. This is the case for all cosmetic dentistry treatments. If you need work done, your dentist can usually recommend a treatment plan that gets you back up to a high standard of oral care and then you can have veneers fitted. If you keep up with regular check-ups then there is less likely to be anything standing in the way of getting the look you want.

The main reason you need a healthy smile to start the process of getting veneers is that they are supported on your existing teeth.

Getting the perfect fit

One of the first things that your dentist will do to prepare your teeth is to remove a very thin layer of enamel. This is so that the veneers will fit flush with your other teeth once they are in their final positions. When this is done, your dentist will take impressions of your teeth in order to have the veneers perfectly crafted by a dental technician.

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That’s it

This is all the preparation you need for veneers. Around two weeks after your initial appointment, your new fixtures will be fitted using a special dental cement. The dentist moves them around until they are in the perfect position and then uses a light to harden the adhesive. Finally, they remove any excess cement and your procedure is complete.

Veneers are also easy to care for. Once fitted, you can treat your teeth as normal. As long as you are diligent with your dental hygiene and keep up-to-date with regular check-ups then you should be able to enjoy your veneers for many years.