Prevention is Better than Cure

It is fundamental to great oral health to keep a good level of oral hygiene. A good cleaning routine is used to prevent the formation of plaque, which is the sticky film of bacteria that forms on the surfaces of the teeth. This sticky film harbours the bacteria that can lead to further dental and oral problems, such as tooth decay or gum disease.

Amazingly, over 300 species of bacteria reside in the mouth. Some of these bacteria love to thrive in between the gums and teeth and some can even flourish between teeth and in small gaps within the tooth. In the earlier stages of decay, these bacteria inhabit your teeth and are known as plaque. At this point they can easily be physically disrupted with flossing and regular brushing. It is important to disrupt this plaque early in their development or they could progress into a hardened type of plaque called tartar. Consulting a dentist in SW14 such as those at Sheen Dental, will help to gain further knowledge on exceptional dental hygiene.

What to choose to eat for good dental hygiene?

People who are dedicated to keeping their teeth in the best possible condition, know that what they eat and drink is very important. There is nothing wrong with a sugary snack or drink occasionally. The damage only happens to the teeth when people choose to eat sweet things frequently. Without a break between sugary foods, they are not giving the natural defenses in the mouth time to work and protect the teeth from bacteria and sugary build-up.

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Scale and polish

At the dentist in SW14, dental hygienists play an important role in preventive dentistry. They can perform a scale and polish to thoroughly clean and remove all traces of plaque and tartar.

Scaling aims to remove the hard tartar on the teeth, which cannot be removed by brushing alone. The polishing stage helps to clean away unsightly surface stains from the teeth, which may have been caused by smoking, red wine, coffee or tea.

Having a regular scale and polish at the dentist in SW14 will complement tooth brushing at home and help to maintain healthy gums and teeth.