Ramen, Hot Chocolate, Wines: The Ultimate Winter Warmers

RamenTravelling to warmer countries to escape the winter chill seems like a good option. But if you have no plans to leave but still wish to flee the cold, best to enjoy Brisbane’s winter.

Winter in Brisbane means the start of festivals and local and brand events. The tempting rays of sunshine also make it impossible for you and your family to stay indoors.

So instead of sulking over the season, enjoy the sunshine during the winter. If the temperature gets a little cold, you can always grab your snow jacket from your favourite snow shop in Brisbane. Or better yet, head to your beloved city cafes for winter-perfect meals and drinks.

First Stop: Taro’s Ramen & Cafe. 

What better way to feed and warm your stomach on a cold day than a meal of Taro Akimoto’s famous ramen. Its broth is made from Bangalow pork and filled with tasty gyoza and Orion beer. Uncomplicated, yes? But it’s cited as one of the best ramen in the country.

Hot Chocolates from Brisbane Cafes

Craving for a mug of hot chocolate? Don’t worry; Brisbane has plenty of options for this particular yearning. There is the Shakti hot chocolate to spice up your winter life, the less-common flavours such as lavender, peanut butter, and peppermint, or the tried and tested traditional like the Belgian recipe. If you want it dark and a hundred percent authentic chocolate, you can have that too.

Drinks for Special Winter Night

Visit Brisbane’s laneway bars. The night is young and the air is cold and crisp, calling out for you to have a drink in one of the city’s back-alley bars and bistros. Your choices include the Super Whatnot and Brew, which are two local favourites. Gresham and Laneway will not disappoint too.

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Even if winter days in Brisbane are dry and temperate, there are days in which the weather would be a little intolerable. On such days, keeping warm might prove a challenge.  But with a little help from savoury goods and warm treats, winters in Brisbane are worth staying for.