The Reality of Cosmetic Dentistry

Dentist checking a patientThere is no better way to check out what is going on in the world of cosmetic treatments than watching reality shows. Cosmetic treatments don’t stop at the face these days, they go right into the mouth. And most reality stars are sporting the perfect smiles, which cosmetic dentistry in Belfast can provide.It is usually healthier to have beautiful teeth, however sometimes people get it wrong.


Watching something like First Date is perfect for smile spotting, a great way to do research before committing to cosmetic dentistry. In Belfast, there are various reputable practices to go to for advice and treatment, including Blue Sky Dentistry. But meanwhile, check out what does and doesn’t work on the telly. Spot the people who have gone a bit too far with their teeth whitening, and now look like their teeth are so white they are blue. That’s not a good look on anyone. Pearly whites should be pearly, not bluey white, so it’s a good idea to follow the dentist’s advice on this one and perhaps not go for the whitest shade of white, known as a B1 shade.

More than whitening

Then, there’s veneers. These are fantastic for covering up stains, chips, cracks, gaps, and even mild misalignments, but beware it is possible to go too far with veneers and end up with teeth that are now too big for the mouth.

Achieving balance

The aim of all cosmetic dentistry in Belfast should be to bring the teeth and gums into harmony. This means they are in a perfect ratio with each other, the teeth are angled correctly, the gums are not too much on show, and of course, both are a healthy and natural-looking colour.

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There is even a cosmetic dental treatment for gums that take up too much mouth space, especially when smiling. This is known as a gummy smile, and it can be easy to fix with a bit of laser paring back. The great thing about using a laser to reduce the gum is that it seals as it cuts, so there is very little bleeding and recovery times are quick.