Rebounding the Right Way: It Can Be Healthy

trampolining’Reading the term ‘rebounding’ may have made you lift one of your eyebrows, but it’s not what you think. The word refers to the exercise method you can get from playing on a trampoline.

Yes, all that bouncing on a trampoline is a good way to burn calories. People trying to lose or maintain weight, or parents who want their kids to use all those pent up energy, will find this helpful.

Even the experts recommend it

Doctors, health experts and even celebrity fitness trainers recommend rebounding as a great form of physical exercise. Just half an hour on the trampoline can make you lose up to 160 calories. This type of physical activity promotes the production of dopamine, or the happy hormone, making you feel great and melting away all the stress of your day.

It doesn’t feel like exercise

Why do you think kids love to bounce on these things? Because it’s so much fun. Fortunately, trampolines are made from durable materials. This makes them capable and strong enough to support the weight of adults. You will also find trampoline parks in Melbourne welcoming both children and kids at heart.

You can do it multiple times a week

Rebounding comes with health benefits, specifically improvements on your balance and coordination. This fun exercise also helps gymnasts get a stronger lymphatic system.

To get the most out of your trampoline workout, do it multiple times a week. Fitness experts recommend doing it three times a week. Soon, you will find yourself  enjoying it that you won’t believe how time flies during your workout sessions.

That trampoline isn’t just for kids. Have fun rebounding and see the benefits it can provide you without feeling like you’re exercising.