Recognizing the Signs of Drug Use and Addiction

Line of cocaineOnce a person begins to take drugs repeatedly, tolerance and dependence develop rapidly, often before the user even realizes that he is becoming addicted. The specialists at Renaissance Ranch Outpatient remind the public that once tolerance matures to full blown addiction, it becomes difficult to stop drug use and abuse. In Orem, substance abuse rehab programs are available to those who seek full recovery.

Before beginning rehab, though, it is important to know when a person has developed an addiction. Here are the signs to look out for:

1. Physical Signs and Symptoms

Abrupt weight changes, constricted or dilated pupils, and glazed or bloodshot eyes are common symptoms among people who are dependent on drugs. Those who inject the drugs they use often develop bruises on their injection sites and many end up with infections due to sharing of needles. Users will also present with more symptoms which may vary depending on the drug they use.

2. Behavioral Changes

As an individual continues to use drugs, its effects begin to manifest as changes in behavior. Substances that cause addiction often tamper with brain function, including the ability to think, focus, talk and reason. Behavioral changes include the following: depression, lethargy, negative changes in attitude and personality, as well as increased aggression and irritability.

Friends and relatives may also note increased risk-taking activities and development of financial problems. Fluctuations in mood are also common, while others change their social circles entirely.

The first step to recovery is acknowledging that there is a problem. These are just some of the signs and symptoms of addiction. An individual may experience a variety of other symptoms, depending on the drug or combination of substances that he abuses.

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These signs and symptoms not only signify the existence of drug addiction but also warn of ongoing damage to the brain and body.  If someone you know is exhibiting these signs, encourage them to seek help at a trusted rehabilitation center.