Safely Handling Your Hazardous Waste

Man in mask handling hazardous wasteIf you run a business or work in an industry that uses hazardous chemicals, you will have to ensure that you dispose of the waste properly to protect your staff, the public, and the environment from potential harm.

Many professions use hazardous substances, but you can also find some in your home or office. In Elko, chemical waste disposal is vital, as the substances could poison humans, animals and the environment alike.

Chemical Substances That Pose Risk

Some of the substances that are potentially harmful to health and environment are:

  • Pesticides, insecticides and herbicides
  • Photocopier and print chemicals
  • Solvents
  • Motor oil
  • Battery fluid
  • Asbestos – although the government has banned its use, many older buildings still have this material
  • Mercury – older thermometers and amalgam fillings utilized this element for their function

Chemical Disposal Services

Enlisting the help of a professional chemical disposal company will ensure that the business sticks to regulations by allowing only experts to handle the hazardous materials. The government put in place strict guidelines for handling this type of waste. These precautions apply to the transport of hazardous waste off the premises, storage, recycling, and to cleaning tanks or pipes.

Containment and Remediation Services

Accidents happen. If a business experiences spillage of hazardous waste, turning to a cleanup professional is most ideal. They can provide emergency containment services – a fast, emergency response for any corporation, big or small.

An important part of the containment service is remediation of the surroundings, including soil and groundwater areas around the site, to make sure that the area is safe and that there is no trace of any chemicals or biohazards. Sampling and testing of soil, water and wastes will confirm whether an area is contaminated or not.

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The safety of your workers and the environment around your business should be the top priority. Make sure you implement the Environmental Protection Agency’s guidelines for hazardous waste management by enlisting the help of professionals.