Sensory Enrichment Therapy – The Hope for Autism Patients?

autismThere are early and late bloomers when it comes to kids. Some of them can learn to walk and speak early while others take their time to grow. However, for those who have trouble developing such skills for a long time, theirs might be a case of autism, a social-behavioral disorder that’s common in society nowadays.

Understanding Autism

Autism is a condition where some areas of the brain fail to function, making it hard for a person to relate to people or the environment. Symptoms include impaired or delayed speech development, rejection after name-calling, solitary tendencies and repetitive movements. This condition may affect everything from a child’s lifestyle to problems with career and relationships.

Most doctors use special tools and techniques to treat autism. In fact, companies like apply Sensory Enrichment Therapies to treat autism or prevent its symptoms from worsening.

What is Sensory Enrichment Therapy?

Sensory Enrichment Therapy involves exposing kids with symptoms of autism to sensory exercises to enhance the brain’s capacity to function. Parents use common household products to stimulate their children’s brain and make them respond to the exercises. The therapy is the result of a research on the effect of sensorimotor enrichment to the neurological challenges caused by autism.

A study on rodents revealed that the environment affects neurobehavioral development of a child. Autism further affects the individual with the lack of stimulation in the environment. On the other hand, the more they expose themselves to brain-enriching activities, the less they’ll suffer autism or its symptoms.

How effective is it?

Researchers from the University of California Irvine suggested that environmental enrichment improves the conditions of people showing signs of autism. Among the participants, 42% from the enriched group had a clinically significant improvement by 5 points according to the Childhood Autism Rating Scale. They also experienced improvement in cognition based on the Leiter-R Visualization and Reasoning assessment.

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More studies are necessary to confirm or increase the effectiveness of Sensory Enrichment Therapy to kids with signs of autism. But with early clinical trials showing positive results, more parents are now using this treatment for their kids.