Signs of Healthy Interdental Gums

Girl with Healthy GumsHow healthy are the bits of gum tissue between your teeth? These sections, medically referred to as interdental papilla, impact on your overall oral health and must be in good shape always.

Although they are small, interdental papilla has many functions. They protect roots from exposure, bacteria and the harmful effect of food between teeth. Accordingly, you should always examine your gums to ensure they are in good health.

Here are four signs of healthy interdental gums.

Coral pink pigmentation

Healthy interdental gums should look pink and firm. Gums that look red and swollen can indicate unhealthy gums and gingivitis.

Solid attachment

Healthy interdental papilla should attach firmly to your teeth. That helps protect tooth roots from harmful oral bacteria and food debris. The gums should neither leave gaps nor recede from teeth. Receding gums can lead to an aesthetic problem known as “the dark triangle disease.”

If your gums have receded or you have lost your interdental gums, a trip to a cosmetic dentist in Liverpool such as Saving Faces can help fix the problem.

Triangular shape

Healthy interdental gums have a triangular shape. The triangle should be proportional to the size of the adjacent teeth. Your molars should have a large papilla and your canines a small papilla. Interdental gums that do not exhibit a triangular shape could be receding.

Painless and blood-free gums

Healthy papilla should be pain-free and blood-free. Periodontal disease can make them tender, bleed easily or have a bulbous appearance. Factors such as gingival inflammation, loss of teeth, and traumatic dental hygiene procedures can make you lose your interdental gum.

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Loss of papilla can consequently cause cosmetic deformities, phonetic issues, and lateral food impaction.

To keep your gums healthy, you must practice excellent oral hygiene. Be sure to brush your choppers at least twice every day, floss once daily, and see your dentist at least twice every year.