Smoking and Dental Implants in Stanmore

Dental ImplantsWhen someone decides to get dental implants in Stanmore, they will need to have a consultation with their dentist. During this initial appointment, they will have physical examinations and scans. They will also be asked a number of questions to ascertain whether they have any lifestyle factors that might affect their chances of successful dental implant surgery. One of the things their dentist will ask them about is smoking.

Smoking can cause a number of difficulties when it comes to dental implants in Stanmore. A patient will usually be advised to quit smoking whenever they visit a practice like Centre of Dental Excellence. However, if they are planning to have their teeth replaced using dental implants, the need to quit will become even more pressing. Some dentists will not go ahead with dental implants for smokers depending on their general health and a number of other factors.

Implant failure

The rate of implant failure is simply higher for smokers than it is for non-smokers. In the right circumstances, the success rate for dental implant sin Stanmore is 96% and upwards. For smokers, some studies have shown that the failure rate rises to 15.8%. This is essentially because when someone smokes, their body is in a constant state of repair. Each cigarette is damaging and the body needs to devote energy and resources to recuperating on a daily basis. The restorative abilities of the human body are remarkable but still finite. If it is devoting some of them to repairing the damage caused by smoking, it simply has less to offer for the process of healing after dental implant surgery.

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Effects on the procedure

If someone is a heavy smoker, has poor health, needs extensive work or has a combination of these factors, it adds extra layers of complication to the process of getting dental implants. It can affect someone’s ability to safely undergo anaesthesia or take advantage of any extra sedation they might require. Smoking also has a long term, detrimental effect on the conditions in the mouth which can result in dryness, sores and fragile teeth all of which need to be taken into account when planning dental implant surgery.