Soothe Your Soul: Making Tasty Soups

SoupA bowl of soup is an essential part of a nice and filling meal. It whets your appetite and makes you look forward to enjoying the rest of the meal. With this, it’s just important that you prepare and cook it the right way.

Making soup is an art. You need to know first the ins and outs to achieve that warm and flavorful taste. From cream soup base to garnishing, each component of the soup contributes to an exciting dining experience.  

Here are some things you might want to keep in mind:

Start with the Base

Everything good about soups starts with the base, which is the broth. While it’s okay to use bouillons to make a base, a soup becomes more delicious if the broth is homemade. Boiling meat and bones is all you need to get that natural taste, although it may take that long. While you’re in the process, you might want to add some salt, pepper, and herbs to enhance the taste.

Keep the Veggies Firm

Vegetables add texture to the soup. If you intend to make the veggies stand out, they should not be too soft that they melt in your mouth. The soup might have already turned into a stew when that happens. Likewise, they should not be too firm that they still taste raw.

Make it Look Good

As soups are a starter dish, they should look good and presentable enough to stimulate your appetite. Avoid making it look like a kitchen soup sink by adding vegetables and garnishes. If your soup is too fluid, you may add some corn starch to make it quite thick. They should always be served hot

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Soups are what make you anticipate the rest of your meal. In other words, they’re what create a good first impression of a meal.