Soup 101: What You Should Know About Soups

Cream SoupSoup is easy to make, delicious, and versatile. There are countless ways to make soup. You can basically put almost any kind of vegetable, meat or seafood in any kind of soup.

Soups have a diverse use. You can serve it as an appetizer or it can give leftovers a new twist. You can even store most kind of soup in a freezer. It will provide a healthy instant meal whenever you are tired and don’t feel like cooking.

Soup classifications

There are different kinds of soup based on the ingredients and how they are made. Knowing this information will help you understand the versatility of soups so that whatever ingredient or left over you have, you can easily make varying kinds of soup.

Let’s take a look at the different kinds of soup.

Clear soups

These soup bases are light and mild flavored. Most of them are broths made from poultry, fish, vegetable, and meat. It can also be a stock or broth which are clarified to remove impurities.


The preparation for broths is similar to stocks. Just like stocks, broths are prepared by simmering flavoring ingredients for a long time. However, there are key differences between the two. First, broth uses meat instead of just bones. Second, broths can be served as a meal after preparation while stocks are saved as a base for cooking other dishes. Third, broths are meant to be fully flavored and seasoned while stocks have light flavorings.


This type of soup base is probably one of the most difficult kind of soup to make. A consommé is a clarified broth or stock that is rich in flavor. To achieve the perfect consommé, you must start with a good stock. Gently simmer it with ingredients that attract the particles causing the stock to cloud. In making a consommé, you need to produce a raft. Ingredients such as egg whites, tomatoes and browned onion, mirepoix, and ground meat are simmered with the stock and the egg whites will form a raft. If this raft breaks by either boiling or poking, the whole process fails. Making consommés is a gentle endeavor. Don’t let the particles collected by raft to mix into the stock again.

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Cream soups

The cream soup base is a type of thick soup that is made with a thickener such as roux. Traditionally made cream soups are made with a thin bechamel. The modern practice, however, is using velouté base for cream soups and finishing it with cream. The finished product’s consistency should be smooth and the main ingredient should always be the main flavor in cream soups.