Sports Active: Taking Care of Your Oral Health

Mouthguard as a sports uniform in LakevilleMany of those who regularly play sports often focus more on their diet and workout routine. If playing is a part of your daily life, it is also important to take care of your mouth teeth. This is especially true if you play contact sports or regularly drink energy and sports drinks.

Lakeville dentists share the things you should know about taking care of your dental health.

Don’t Forget the Mouthguard

Mouth guards should be a part your overall sports uniform. They cover your teeth and offer protection for face, lips, tongue, and jaws. Also known as mouth protectors, mouth guards minimize the risk of broken teeth or injuries in the event of an accident. While they are commonly used in collision and contact sports, they are also beneficial in non-contact activities such as skating and gymnastics.

Choose a mouthguard that fits your teeth properly. The best types are those that are custom-made by your dentist. While they are more expensive than regular ones, they offer fit and comfort and won’t make talking and breathing difficult.

Reach for Water First

If you feel tired and thirsty after a game, it is much better to drink water than sports drinks. While some of these beverages promise immediate rehydration, they are also loaded with sugars. The bacteria in your mouth will use those sugars to form an acid that can weaken your tooth’s enamel. This may increase your risk for getting cavities, with noticeably yellow teeth over time.

You may not know it, but many professional athletes don’t always drink sports drinks. They follow a well-managed diet, which doesn’t involve a lot of sugar. Instead of drinking these beverages, they reach for water first and make their own shakes or drinks.

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Follow a Good Dental Hygiene

Fight cavities by brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing once a day. Keep in mind that a having an unhealthy mouth or tooth increases chance of a damage in the event of a sports injury. A decayed tooth with lots of filling is not as strong as a tooth that is not damaged.

Keep your mouth strong with good dental practices and by visiting the dentist for regular checkups and cleaning. It is also a good idea to eat foods that promote stronger teeth and include the use of mouthwash in your everyday dental routine.

Don’t neglect your oral health. Keep these things minds to keep on playing the sports you love without having to worry mouth about tooth decay or broken teeth.