Starting a Screen Printing Business? Here are 3 Mistakes to Avoid

A man using a silk screenMarket research company IBISWorld estimates that screen printing generates about $8 billion in revenue every year, and has sustained an annual growth rate of 1.8% over the past five years – a percentage they predict will remain consistent through 2021.

Screen printing businesses remain strong because of these bank of our very human nature. People, in general, enjoy being part of a community and customized shirts that members wear during organization activities or get-togethers allow attendees to wear their emotions on their sleeves, literally.

If you’re looking to invest in a screen printing business, here are three common mistakes and how to avoid them:.

Not anticipating the learning curve

You may have substantial experience in screen printing, but running a business will require skills that are impossible to learn overnight.  You will also need specific knowledge that will help you deliver professional-looking finished products. Anticipating any possible learning curve by doing research or reaching out to other entrepreneurs in the industry will help make your process go more smoothly.

Not reaching out to the community

To establish a presence in your local market, developing relationships with community members can get your products in the public eye. You could, for instance, offer low-cost t-shirts for a school sports team or a popular local band.

Self-promote by making sure to include tags to every shirt, so wearers will know exactly who made them as well as where and how they can reach you, in case they need more.

Not choosing a specialization

It’s tempting to say yes to every work request that comes your way, but it’s better to choose a specific niche or market to develop. You may, for example, choose to cater to printing designs on infant clothes and onesies, or on student organization shirts. Choosing a specialization makes it easier to come up with an effective strategy for marketing your products.

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Fortunately for, there are businesses out there that offer marketing services, especially for screen printing businesses. Taking advantage of such services lets you expand your business without having to take your focus away from running it.

Screen printing is a business that remains lucrative regardless of the season or the state of the economy, but it’s not entirely a walk in the park. Doing sufficient research, getting advice from the right people, and keeping these three things in mind will help you stay in business for a long time.