The Steps Involved in a Landscape Gardening Project

More people are realising that they can shape their outdoor space in beautiful and unique ways using landscape gardening. In Richmond and the surrounding areas, there are some fantastic landscapes to draw inspiration from such as Regent’s Park, Chiswick House, and St James Park.

Initial consultation

Landscaping gardening in Richmond and the surrounding areas is about translating a vision into reality. Whether that’s a feeling that someone wants to have while standing in their garden, a lifestyle choice or something more practical, it can all be achieved with an experienced company such as Town & Country Gardens. The level of communication during an initial consultation with a landscaping service will help to determine the success of a project. Like any foundation, the higher the quality, the more stable the eventual construction will be.


Landscaping projects usually start on paper, depending on the scale. This is where the project begins to take shape. It’s the next stage of communication between landscape gardener and client. Adjustments can easily be made at this point. Once everyone is in agreement about the technical details, the client gives the go ahead to start work.

Project management

Even small projects can entail some level of project management if there is more than one firm or skillset being combined on site. Larger projects might require budget management, work schedules, and sourcing rare items or materials. When a client has landscape gardening in Richmond, they can choose someone who will help them with all of these aspects and more so they do not have to take on any of the more stressful aspects of their garden project.


The installation phase covers everything from preparing the ground to building structures. This is when the client will begin to see things take shape. There are often moments during installation when everything seems like chaos but, with good project management, this should resolve itself within agreed timeframes.


All that is required once the work is complete is for the client to relax and enjoy. Of course, gardens are ever-evolving environments and some parts of the project may take time to mature. It is common to have a monitoring and maintenance contract in place to continue to develop and care for the space after landscape gardening in Richmond.