Strictly for Men: Dare to go Bare Down There?

Waxing for MenThink that only gay men or metrosexuals have Brazilian waxes, think again—being bare down there is becoming increasingly popular for all types men, from the more liberal to conservative, straight men.

Why Men Choose to Go Bare

According to studies, men have Brazilian waxes since it makes them feel cleaner there and because of the ‘optical inch’ illusion — by minimising your hair down there, you maximise the look of your other ‘parts’ — if you get the drift. Besides the Brazilian, more men are also having their chest, back, butt, toes, and feet waxed.

Another reason ‘manscaping’ is becoming popular is because their partners are actually encouraging them to do so. Normally, men come back for another waxing session since the first time made them feel more confident by getting rid of the hair in their groin area, back, or their 5 o’clock shadow, and because it helps alleviate ingrown hairs due to regular shaving. In addition, it saves them time because they won’t have to shave every single day and hair begins to grow back thinner that they won’t have to go in as frequently.

Manscaping Basics

Waxing is best if you have coarse hair — the groin area, ahem — since the wax will easily stick to your skin and remove stubborn hair follicles. Likewise, it’s best for men who regularly shave since it can easily pull out varying lengths of hair. Regular exfoliation with a trusty loofah is best for eliminating dead skin cells and opening up hair follicles. However, you shouldn’t exfoliate before or after your waxing session.

When you come in for your first waxing session, experts at The Brazilian Hut advise that you let your hair grow a quarter of an inch at least prior to your appointment since your hair should be long enough so that the wax can adhere better. Additionally, being comfortable and relaxed is recommended so bring along a mobile device so you can distract yourself.