Your Health: How Dangerous is Asbestos Exposure?

Australia has banned asbestos since December 31, 2003. Nobody should sell, supply, store, use, reuse, and import products that contain this mineral countrywide. This ban, however, doesn’t apply to existing installations, such as asbestos cement sheeting or roofing and vinyl tiles that contain asbestos. This [Read More]

3 Super Soups for Your Health

No meal is complete without a bowl of soup. It does not matter if they use clear broth bases or thick and creamy starters. A bowl of delicious soup makes any meal an enjoyable experience. But, it may have ingredients that cause health problems, such [Read More]

Don’t Waste Time, Waist Train Now

Until recently, there never was an era so obsessed with the midsection. Recent research shows getting healthy means having a slimmer waist. The most important thing is to focus your fitness effort in getting a slim waist. Harvard’s School of Public Health emphasised the importance [Read More]

5 Things to Do to Reduce the Risk of Cancer

Cancer may be one of the most feared diseases today, as no concrete medication has been yet discovered. According to the National University Cancer Institute, Singapore (NCIS), cancer is a growing concern worldwide. One may reduce the risk of having one through proper care and [Read More]