Why Family-Focused Practitioners are Important

There’s always an emphasis on securing your and your family’s health. This is why you need to have experts you can trust for every aspect of your health, including your teeth. Why Choose Family Practitioners Family physicians provide health care for all members of the family, [Read More]

Dental Phobia

Lots of people suffer with a sense of uneasiness at the dentist. For some, it’s intense enough to be classed as dental phobia. One of the biggest problems for dental phobics in the past was that their phobia was dismissed as fear. People thought that [Read More]

To Do or Not to Do: Your Oral Health Guide

If you feel like your choppers look more yellowish, dull and have lost its shiny touch, then maybe it is time to pay more attention to them. Dentists in Gainsborough such as Dee Kay Dental recommend and request their patients to follow the cardinal rules. This is the [Read More]

How a Fast-Paced Lifestyle Affects Teeth

Everyone is getting busier these days, not having enough time to sit or consume a real meal. Many are finding relief in nutrition bars, as well as carbonated beverages for supplying the energy they need every day. The trouble is, this fast-paced lifestyle and eating [Read More]

Veneers for a Brighter Smile

Many factors cause teeth discolouration. For some people who have had a root canal treatment, they sometimes notice that the affected tooth may have a darker colour than the rest of their teeth. Other reasons for discolouration include using too much fluoride and even taking [Read More]