Straighter Teeth and Happier Smiles

Crooked teeth are a source of concern for many people who may worry about their smile, experience pain or have difficulties with eating or speaking. The best time to have treatment is during childhood when there is a mixture of permanent and baby teeth. However, [Read More]

Freshening Up Faces

Here we all are in 21st century Britain, very privileged and lucky to live in a time when dentistry has never been so good. Watch any TV programme and see how many ordinary people now have beautiful, naturally gleaming, perfectly straight teeth. Then go back [Read More]

How Isochronic Tones Relieve Stress

Modern life is filled with various kinds of stress. Unlike in the past, it doesn’t come from the fear of getting mauled by bears or sabertooths. It has more to with jobs, relationships or failed expectations in the 21st century. However, our reaction to these [Read More]