Your Health: How Dangerous is Asbestos Exposure?

Australia has banned asbestos since December 31, 2003. Nobody should sell, supply, store, use, reuse, and import products that contain this mineral countrywide. This ban, however, doesn’t apply to existing installations, such as asbestos cement sheeting or roofing and vinyl tiles that contain asbestos. This [Read More]

3 Super Soups for Your Health

No meal is complete without a bowl of soup. It does not matter if they use clear broth bases or thick and creamy starters. A bowl of delicious soup makes any meal an enjoyable experience. But, it may have ingredients that cause health problems, such [Read More]

Dried Fruits: Raisin Problems in the Mouth

There’s a fine line for parents (and the public, in general) to tread when it comes to children’s food and snacks, particularly those that affect dental health. You know that sweets, sugary drinks, and fast food have a nasty effect on teeth. People, especially kids, [Read More]