Looking After Teeth in Ealing

Keeping up with dental care is crucial for person’s overall health. Having knowledge of how to care for teeth and the right equipment to do so tackles a large part of the battle against gum disease and tooth decay. Visiting a dentist in Ealing is [Read More]

Help for denture users at Sheen Dental

Dentures can be a truly life-changing solution for people who have lost either all of their natural teeth or just the top or bottom teeth. They can get a patient back to enjoying a wider range of foods, and give them the confidence to smile [Read More]

Veneers for a Brighter Smile

Many factors cause teeth discolouration. For some people who have had a root canal treatment, they sometimes notice that the affected tooth may have a darker colour than the rest of their teeth. Other reasons for discolouration include using too much fluoride and even taking [Read More]