Preparing for veneers

Many dental treatments require some preparation both mentally and physically. The degree of difficulty involved varies from treatment to treatment and your dentist is the best person to give you detailed advice. Fortunately, veneers require very little in the way of preparation and this is [Read More]

Veneers for a Brighter Smile

Many factors cause teeth discolouration. For some people who have had a root canal treatment, they sometimes notice that the affected tooth may have a darker colour than the rest of their teeth. Other reasons for discolouration include using too much fluoride and even taking [Read More]

Teeth Enhancement: Crown or Veneer?

In dentistry, there are restorative procedures which are done when the teeth have been chipped, cracked or changed colour. Some people confuse them as the same thing because the ultimate result is to improve the smile. However, there are distinct differences and it pays to [Read More]