Teeth Sensitivity: What to Do About It

Teeth Sensitivity in IndianapolisWhen sipping hot or cold beverage is sometimes painful, you may have sensitive teeth. The same is also if you occasionally wince when brushing or flossing. Teeth sensitivity is common in adults, with about 40 million people complaining of sudden pain and discomfort. It may be due to tooth decay, worn enamel, cracked tooth, or exposed tooth roots because of gum disease, gum recession, or vigorous tooth brushing.

Tooth Pain and Acid

Exposed tooth roots or area can make eating or drinking hot or cold food painful. For some, having sensitive teeth is due to excessive consumption of acidic foods and beverages like soft drinks and citrus juices. Indianapolis dentists note that acid reflux and bulimia can also lead to enamel erosion and tooth sensitivity because of the acid in the mouth.

Treatment Options

Fortunately, there are several treatment options, which will depend on the cause. The dentist may suggest using a desensitizing toothpaste or those with compounds that can stop the transmission of pain from the tooth to the nerve. This will require several uses or applications before experiencing a decrease in sensitivity.

Other treatments for sensitive teeth include:

  • Fluoride gel – this can decrease sensation transmission and strengthen tooth enamel.
  • Filling, inlay, or crown – this is used to fix dental problems like decay that leads to sensitivity.
  • Gum graft – if your gums have receded, the dentist may recommend this to protect the tooth and decrease sensitivity.
  • Root canal – this is for severe tooth sensitivity or if other means cannot treat the problem.
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Take it Easy with Brushing

It is also important not to use toothbrushes with hard bristles or brush your teeth too hard. This can wear down the enamel and make sensitive teeth worse. You are brushing too hard if the bristles in your toothbrush are pointing in different directions after just a few weeks of use. Choose those with soft bristles and use gentle strokes.

If you are bothered with sensitive teeth, talk to your dentist about it. This is to the find the right treatment or correct other problems that have contributed to sensitivity.