Thanks, Mother Earth: Colour Palettes Inspired by Nature

NatureMany of us draw inspiration from home improvement magazines when it comes to interior design. But if you think the themes you find in these materials are boring and redundant, you can always look around and derive exciting colour palettes from nature.

One of the many advantages of using Mother Earth’s colours is that it can make any space look like it is alive and breathing. The hues reflect the beauty of nature in a subtle way.

Before calling a company that provides interior painting services, here are some colour combinations you may want to consider:

The Autumn

You can use this palette to make your living room appear calmer and warmer. The colours you need to use include beige, orange and yellow. If you want a more serious appeal, accentuate the palette with a shade of brown.

The Field of Ryes

This colour combination should be your pick if you want to give your room some idyllic and nostalgic appeal. What you need to do is combine the following colours: amber, pastel green (or green mustard), and sky blue (or pastel blue) for some accent.

The Seaside

Visit the closest beach and marvel at the colours of the scenery. For a summery feel, you can incorporate yellow or similar shades. Complement it with teal, blue green or turquoise. A shade of beige or cream will represent the sand.

The Winter

The winter palette works for spaces with minimalist or industrial theme. This usually uses grey and white as the base colours. To make the existing hues more interesting, complement them with sky blue or pastel blue.

These are only some of the colour palettes you can derive from nature. If you want to use another palette, just look around. You will never run out of combinations; the possibilities are endless.